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In the gentle Slavonian hills, with callused hands and sweat from noble work, our dream has become a reality. Love and nature are fused into healthy berries, ecologically grown in a pristine environment. Bobica LLC grew from this dream.

Bobica LLC is a company dedicated to farming healthy berries. This is a company founded by two friends who have enriched their college education by the advice of experienced agronomists. Hrvoje Opuhač and Tomislav Štivojević love growing berries. They cultivate berries rich in antioxidants that are underrepresented in this part of Europe. For the time being Bobica LLC offers Aronia (aronia melanocarpa). However, we won’t stop there- new antioxidants, new berries and new opportunities are in store for a healthier life. Bobica LLC wants to offer Croatia superior products and healthy, high-quality berries grown in Croatia.

For a healthy Croatia!

Super Berry

(the future of ecological and medicinal fruit)

Aronia (aronia melanocarpa) came to Europe from the east coast of North America. Initially, it was grown solely for aesthetic and decorative purposes. As health awareness increased, the true value of aronia became more obvious. Today, aronia is one of the most prized health-food products because of its exceptional antioxidant properties.

Aronia bushes grow vigorously (up to 3 m) in October. Its dark green leaves become a magical red in autumn, a breathtaking sight. Even more beautiful are the delicate white flowers whose magnificence is revealed in May, when the aronia bush blooms. Aronia berries are dark purple, sweet, sour and slightly bitter. The berries ripen in early September and remain on the bush until November, without the fear of a single berry falling. Growing in clusters, they can weigh up to 15 kilograms per bush during a full harvest.

Aronia is very easy to grow and reproduce, and in our farms no pests or diseases exist. Therefore, it can be grown completely environmentally friendly, without the use of pesticides.

Did you know:

  • Aronia belongs to the rose family
  • Ripe aronia berries contain large amounts of biofenola, tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanin
  • 100 grams of dried aronia has 1200 mg of Vitamin P
  • After the Chernobyl accident, the side effects caused by radiation were alleviated by aronia berries
  • North American natives dried aronia and used it as seasoning (Native American flat bread)
  • Apart from medicinal purposes, aronia leaves and bark are styptic and can be used to make tea
  • Aronia is resistant to temperatures as low as -47°C
  • Because of its white flowers and dark green leaves, aronia received an award of the Royal Gardening Association in Great Britain
  • Numerous published scientific studies show the effectiveness of aronia in therapy for many types of cancer and diabetes

Many more nutritional benefits of aronia exist.



Antioxidants are a group of natural compounds that protect human cells from oxidative damage. When using oxygen, our bodies produce “free radicals” that can damage all of the cells in the body. Free radicals, however, are always present and are the result of life processes, psychological stress, the polluted air we breathe and the contaminated food we eat and carry in our bodies. Antioxidants are molecules that repair the free radicals, which are closely associated with a lower risk of many chronic diseases.

Antioxidants slow aging, reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis and cancer. They help by detoxifying the body and slowing the progression of many diseases, especially degenerative (Alzheimer’s, arthritis, etc.)

There are two sources of antioxidants. They come from our own body, due to vitamins and minerals. Another source is external; from food.

According to research about the strength of antioxidants (ORAC), aronia has one of the highest ever recorded value – 16,062 µmol / 100 g. In comparison, blueberries have 6,552 µmol, plums 6,259 µmol, figs 3,383 µmol, grapes 1,260 µmol, lemons 1,225 µmol, and oranges 984 µmol.

There is a saying: “From birth until death, the most important battle is the one with free radicals, and in it there is only one reliable friend – antioxidants!”

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Seedlings, as well as plenty of useful tips on growing aronia, were provided by the nursery Milić.